Wholly Creatives Membership

Rebecca O'Neal

Hi! My name is Rebecca O'Neal and I'm the owner and founder of Wholly Rustic. I discovered string art several years ago and was hooked! We started this business as a side hobby while I was a high school teacher. Since then, it has grown beyond our wildest dreams and has allowed me to quit my job and do what I love full time! My true passion is helping women find joy and purpose through art so we started this membership to connect with women all over the country. Welcome to Wholly Creatives...your online Paint, String and creative business workshop!

Our Wholly Creatives Membership is currently closed to new members.Join the waitlist here to be notified when it's open! 

Are you crafty or do you wish you were? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned creator, you are in the right place!

Art is a perfect way to relieve stress and get your mind of the craziness of this world! Our membership combines traditional art with string art! We want to help you find your niche in the creative space and, if you're interested, make money doing it!
Our classes offer step-by-step instruction and the ability to learn at your own pace… from any device… at your convenience!

We'll see you inside!